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Sink twenty 3-pointers in two minutes

You are a true champ on the basketball court? Are you able to shoot 20 hoops in such a short time? Show it to everyone and upload a video of it!

Juggle with 5 balls for one minute without a break

Jugglers along here! But we'd like to see a video as a prove!

Twelve of you squeeze into a small car for one minute

You like it cuddly? Then invite your friends to this special jaunt. Don't forget to close the windows and doors and make a video of it!

Eat a big raw onion

Nothing can fear you? Then a little raw vegetable won't hurt you. Record your fearlessness on video!

Collect rubbish from the ground with your friends

You like to do something for the environment? Then animate others to follow your example by uploading a video!






You always wanted to know how many people can hold their breath for 3 minutes underwater, or you have even better ideas? Think up viral challenges and watch others cut their teeth on it. (Caution: don't take literally!)

Discover the top trending challenges and watch the best videos uploaded by challengees. Show everyone how you stand up to the toughest challenges. Decide as a juror who has passed a challenge and who has not.

Get your friends off the sofa! Challenge them with the challenges you create, or find challenges which will hit their nerves.

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